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Every challenge has a solution

Keddeg Company relies on a research-based design and engineering process. We work in conjunction with customers in order to produce custom solutions which meet unique needs and solve problems.

Our research-based design process is:

  • Engineer-led
  • Customer-driven
  • Quality-focused

Our research and design processes enable us to create improved filtration options for customers, often saving maintenance time or providing a higher level of service between maintenance checks.

Keddeg actively participates in the following research initiatives:

  • ACER (FAA sponsored Airliner Cabin Environment Research)
  • IER (Kansas State University's Institute for Environmental Research)

Quality in all we do

On-staff FAA Designees assist in administering our internal quality processes

  • DMIRs (Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives)
  • DERs (Designated Engineering Representatives)

Our team members stay abreast of current innovations within aviation and filtration by actively participating in relevant professional associations including:

Aaron K. Quality Control and Test Engineering Manager operates onsite HEPA test stand  
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